What you need for real comfortable retirement

We offer life insurance, business planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and asset management.

We specialize in tax-free non-qualified retirement programs that generate 20% to 40% greater income than typical 401(K) and retirement plans.
For people with high compensation structure, these retirement programs will lessen or eliminate the retirement income gap generated by 401(k) plans.

Deferred Compensation And Non-Qualified Plans

Deferred Compensation And Non-Qualified Plans

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan

A SERP is a sort of non-qualified deferred compensation plan that a company can give to certain management staff or highly compensated employees (HCEs) to complement qualifying retirement benefits.

Because a SERP is "non-qualified," it operates outside the rules of IRS-qualified plans like 401(k) plans.

Protection Planning

The Protection Plan

The SECURE ACT gives firms significant tax breaks for setting up retirement plans for their employees.

Three in four of small firms do not have a retirement plan! The average American worker has barely $5,000 in retirement savings, and the average couple in their late 50s and early 60s has less than $17,000 saved.

Every small-business owner should set up a retirement vehicle for their employees, such as a SERP, 401(k), or other retirement plan. The finest retirement savings are made on a monthly basis. Because owning a small business is so dangerous, these should be invested cautiously.

Schedule a call and we'll talk about how The Protection Plan can help business owners secure their legacy while also providing their employees with a clear path to a fulfilling retirement. The Protection Plan is a tax-advantaged, cost-effective plan that is free of government oversight and obligation for employers.

The Protection Plan provides protection from stock market loss, tax-free retirement income, permanent life insurance protection, and liquidity without penalty by utilizing the rules and laws of life insurance.

fees in investment

Effect of Small Fees to Long-Term Investing

Many factors are beyond the control of investors. Markets are beyond our control. We have no influence over business executives' decisions. When it comes to the Federal Reserve's policy decisions, we have no say. However, there is one aspect of investing that we can control: keeping our investment fees to a minimal.

A long-term perspective is required to get a comprehensive sense of the cumulative impact fees might have on an investment portfolio.

Unfortunately, many investors overlook crucial investing charges because fine language and jargon can be confusing or conceal them. They don't have to be, though. Understanding the various forms of costs is the first step.